Use this Golf Drill to Groove Your Chipping Swing

Chipping Golf Drill

Do you keep your hands ahead of the ball at address? Many golfers do. That’s how they learned to hit a chip. They then drag the handle through impact with the hands leading the way. This move is supposed to create a downward strike of the ball. But the method often makes it harder to make solid contact, decreasing accuracy.

The best chippers, on the other hand, make a small pivot or body turn toward the target as they swing through.

That keeps their arms and body moving in sync. Ingrain that move with this chipping golf drill:

The Tee in the Club Golf Drill

First, stick a tee in the butt end of the grip. Then set up with the tee pointing just forward of your belly button. Keep it pointing there during the whole drill. This setup forms a triangle with help from your arms and shoulders. Play the ball slightly back in your stance and put more weight on your front side while in the setup.

Now chip some balls. Retain the triangle formed by your arms and shoulders. Also, make sure the tee in the grip remains close to your body and moves left as you turn. Keep it in that way through the shot. That, in turn, keeps the triangle formed by your shoulder and arms intact. It also keeps your body and arms in sync.

Don’t let “hands ahead” kill your chipping game. Working on the golf drill above to make solid contact on chips and increase chipping accuracy.

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