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The 7 Best Putting Drills to Save Strokes On The Green


The Best Putting Drills In The World All In One Place.

A lot of serious golfers (and casual golfers for that matter) ask me what some of my best putting drills are.

As a long-time golf expert, I can confidently say that some of the best putting drills out there are pretty simple and easy-to-replicate.

Some of them are even fun games that you can play against yourself, keep score at, and continually try to improve at.

What these best putting drills all share in common is that they can help you with particular “trouble spots” in your short game. Have trouble leaving downhill putts short? There’s a drill for that.

Too many 2 or 3 putts? I have a drill for that too.

I’d suggest trying 2-3 of these at a time, and focusing on mastering the putting drill before moving on. The best putting drills will not only help you get better at putting, but they’re also fun (or at least “not terrible”) to practice.

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Once you’ve mastered 2-3 of these, add on another 2-3 into the rotation.

Notice I do not say to stop the 2-3 you’ve already mastered.

If you don’t practice these drills consistently, then even the best putting drills won’t help your short game.

I will continually keep adding drills to this list, so keep checking back for more!

Here’s the full list of 7:

1) This “Carnac Drill” Helps Improve Your Putting Speed

Speed is the most critical variable in putting. It not only controls distance, it also influences the break on your ball.

So if you don’t hit the putt at the right speed, both your distance control AND your directional control suffer.

The drill below helps you develop speed control and distance control as well as feel when putting.

Find a fairly flat, straight putt on the practice green. Put a golf glove or golf towel in the hole. Then drop back about 10 feet or so and putt from there.

Keep your eyes closed while putting. Before opening them, mentally guess how close you came to the hole. Then open your eyes to see how accurate your guess was.

You’ll get more accurate with your guesses as you practice more. The drill helps develop two key skills for great speed control—a better sense for the target and a feel for the right stroke.

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2) “3 Words Drill” Helps You Keep Your Head Down

Even the best players in the world look up after they’ve made a putt. It’s only natural.

But looking up can cause you to come out of your stance and make an awkward, off-line stroke. That in turn can cause you to miss putts.

This drill teaches you to stay in your stance until the ball is well on its way to the hole:

Drop some balls down on the putting green. Take your stance. Putt the ball.

As you do say… “Back! Hit! Stop!”

Try to get your voice right on the points of:

a) transition,

b) impact, and

c) stop positions.

Keep your focus on the putter until it stops moving. The ball will be already in the hole by the time the putter stops.

The Back! Hit! Stop! Drill can cure you of the bad habit of looking up too soon when putting. It’s a simple drill that’s proven effective time and time again.

3) A Simple Drill to Eliminate 3-Putts For Good

You’ve got to be a good lag putter to break 80 consistently.

That’s because you’ll 3-putt a lot less. This drill helps you master lag putting. I like it because it places a little bit of pressure on you to sink that last putt.


You’ll need a long putting area where 40-foot, 50-foot, and 60-foot putts can be practiced.

The putts should be straight putts on level ground.

a) Count off 50-feet from a hole. Drop a ball. Draw an imaginary 3-foot circle around the hole. That’s your “safe zone.”

b) Putt three balls from the starting point to the 50-foot hole. Keep putting until you get all three 50-foot putts in a row in the safe-zone.

c) Go back 10 feet. That’s your 60-foot hole. Putt three balls from the starting point to the 60-foot hole. Keep putting until you get all three 60-foot putts in a row in the safe zone.  If you miss the safe zone with a putt, go back to the 50-foot hole and start over.

d) Go back 10 feet. This is your 70-foot hole. Putt three balls from the starting point to the 70-foot hole. Keep putting until you get all three putts within the safe zone. If you miss one, go back to the 50-foot hole and start over.

e) Then on your tenth-putt, go to either the 50-foot hole or the 60-foot hole. You have one shot to get the ball within the safe zone. If you miss the shot, go back to the 50-foot hole and start all over again.

You probably won’t get 10-in-a-row on your first try at this drill.  But track your progress each time you practice. Challenge yourself to beat your previous best each time you go out.

And while it can be a bit hard… once you’ve mastered it, see how easy those 20-foot 2 putts become!


4) This “Circle Drill” Improves Your Putting Consistency

If you want to drop a lot of strokes on the green quickly, this circle drill will help you dial in putts of different distances quickly.

As you practice it, you’ll start to get better at sinking longer putts, and ensuring that you don’t two-putt 8 footers.

Circle Drill:

Take 10 balls from your bag and spread them in a circle 3 feet from the cup.

Now start putting.

Keep track of how many you make.

When you make 8 out of 10, move to the next level—4 feet—and start over again.

Take the balls and create a circle around the hole 4 feet out.

If you miss, start over again.

When you make 8 out of 10, move to the next level—5 feet.

And so on.

You can get as far away from the hole as you want. Go to 10 feet, 15 feet, or even 20 feet.

This is one of my favorite drills since it hones your putting stroke and adds a bit of pressure to each putt—just like you’d have when playing a round.

Not only that, but personally I’ve found the most success with this drill over the long haul. It really does work!

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Indoor Putting Drills

Especially in colder climates, you can’t always get out on the practice green.

When this is the case, you want to have some drills that you can practice indoors.

That way, you can get better at putting even throughout the winter months. And you’ll hit the green running when the weather clears up and you can get out again.

So here are some of the best putting drills for when you can’t get outside on the practice green:

5) Putt With Laser Precision

Two things can cause you to miss a putt.

One is not having your putterface square to the path at impact.

The other is cutting across the ball while stroking.

Both errors are common mistakes among golfers.

This Laser Putting Drill corrects those mistakes.

Laser Putting Drill:

Snapping a chalk line on the green helps when practicing putting. But you can’t do that in the house.

Instead, use an inexpensive carpenter’s laser.

Start by drawing a stripe around the middle of your ball.

Then set the laser down behind the ball so it shoots a line down the carpet.

Next, place the ball on the line. Make sure the stripe lines up with the laser line.

Now putt. Practice rolling the ball so the stripe doesn’t wobble as it goes down the line. If it does, it means your putterface wasn’t square to the line at impact or you cut across the ball.

Keep practicing until the line no longer wobbles.

The Laser Drill helps correct two common putting errors. Work on the drill as often as you can. Eliminating the errors takes your putting to a new level.

6) This “Coin on the Putter Drill” Gives You a Smooth Putting Stroke

Decelerating your putter at impact is a major flaw. But not every golfer has this flaw.

Some have another major flaw:

Taking a short backswing and then gunning the putter through the stroke.

Gunning it throws your rhythm off and inhibits consistency.

The best putting drills help with this swing flaw… including the drill below:

The Drill:

Set down a metal yardstick on a carpet in your house.

Then place a ball in the center.

Put stickers on the yardstick the same distance in front of the ball as behind it.

Now place a penny on the top of your putter head (or back shelf of your putter).

Hit some putts.

When you make your putts, swing the putterhead the same distance in front of the ball as behind it. Use your stickers as a guide.

Accelerate too much and you jar the penny loose from the top of the putter.

Your goal is to roll the ball the same distance every time.

Work on this drill as often as you can. It’ll stop you from gunning your putter through the stroke, improve rhythm and consistency, and help you sink more putts.

7) Dial In Your Putts With This “Phone Book Drill”

(This drill also appears in my article on 6 great indoor drills you can do anytime of year)

Drop two phone books on the floor. You want your putterhead to barely fit bet

Place a golf ball between the books so that the ball is midway between the top and bottom of the book. Assume your putting position and make your stroke.

Use the books as a guide–you want to go the same distance back and forward in your swing.

This ensures a smooth stroke and “right-on-time” tempo. Your putter simply won’t fit between the two books if you’re off-line, even a little bit.

I’d also recommend drawing a straight line on a few practice balls. Set those balls up so that line is parallel to your target line.

If the line wobbles, or is anything other than “dead straight,” you probably have a swing flaw in your putting stroke. Correct it and try again.

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