Boost Your Ballstriking With This Simple Drill

Solid ball striking tips can be the difference between a high or low golf handicap ballstriking tips. To be a great ball striker, you must hit down on the ball, especially with your fairway woods and irons—a challenge for some players. The simple drill below trains your mind and body to hit down on the golf ball

ball striking tips

Place a towel on the grass. Set up a golf ball about a grip’s length in front of one end of the towel. Take your stance with a 7-iron. Now take some swings. Focus on hitting the ball without catching the towel.

Once you can do this easily, move the ball back about an inch toward the towel, then continue hitting balls. Keep moving the ball back until it becomes harder to hit it without hitting the towel.

Also, mix up hitting wedges, middle irons, and long irons without hitting the towel. Practice with your hybrids as well. By offering a visual and physical reminder to hit down on the ball, this drill provides the instant feedback you need to boost your ball striking ability.

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