6 Helpful Tips to Make Sure You Have the Right Clubs In Your Bag

Do you carry the best golf clubs in your bag? Not every golfer does. Generally speaking, high-handicap golfers carry different clubs than lower-handicap players. But no matter your skill level, one thing is certain: Carrying the right set of clubs in your bag makes a difference. To play your best, you need clubs that match your needs, preferences, and skill level.

best golf clubs

best golf clubs

Having the best golf clubs in your bag generates more distance with your shots, boosts ballstriking, and cuts down on flubbed shots. Having the right set also increases your pars and birdies, and cuts strokes from your scores and your golf handicap. Put simply, having the right club set can take your game to a whole new level.


Unfortunately, figuring out what to keep in your bag isn’t always terribly easy. How do you pick the best golf clubs for you with dozens of different options out there? Here are six simple tips to help you optimize your club set and play better golf:


1. Chart Your Clubs


Charting your clubs tells you what clubs you really rely upon. Take a notebook with you for your next seven rounds. Write down every club you use for each shot, along with the distance to the pin (if you can figure it). Then total up how often you used each club at the end of the round. After the seven rounds, total up how often you used each club. The clubs you use the most should form the core of your perfect set. Replace your little-used best golf clubs with ones you’re more likely to use on specific problem shots that you often face.


  1. Get Fitted For Clubs


Research shows that up to 99% of players who play with fitted shafts hit the ball farther. Your results may differ, but there’s no denying that playing with fitted clubs makes a difference. While we can’t specify which clubs will be in your bag, we can tell you this: having fitted clubs saves your swing and keeps strokes off your scorecard. In addition, it provides you with a unique set of fitted clubs matched precisely to your needs and preferences. There have been exciting strides in terms of club fitting and technology over the past few years. If you’re working to balance your bag, a good fitting by a pro can make all of the difference.


  1. Visit Manufacturer Websites


Take some time during the selection process to visit the websites of major club manufacturers. These websites give you some idea of how much clubs should cost. Compare those prices to the prices for fitted clubs. Sometimes, manufacturers have written content that can help you decide which clubs to buy and carry. They also may have aids that can help you get fitted for clubs, such as a mobile app that you can download to help you through the club selection process.


  1. Try Out Some Hybrids


Golfers of all skill levels should at least try a hybrid or two. They’re easier to hit than long irons, work well out of the rough, and even can help you make shots around the green if you’re struggling with your chipping. In other words, they’re extremely versatile. Take advantage of that versatility. Also, make sure to have your club fitter work out distance gapping for hybrids, so you end up with the proper lofts.


  1. Choose the Right Wedges For You


Choose the make up of your wedge set carefully. It makes a huge difference in your approach game. Some players like to carry 3 wedges (PW, SW, and LW) in their bags. Others add a gap wedge to this set (PW, SW, LW, GW). Then there are those who add a flop wedge to this set (PW, SW, LW, GW and FW). Whatever your preference, get your club fitter to work out distance gapping for this set, too. Make sure one wedge has a thin leading edge for shots on tight fairways.


  1. Select the Proper Shafts


Selecting the right shafts for your clubs is as critical a decision as you’ll make in the selection process. No two golfers swing exactly the same. Shafts perform differently for each player, so it behooves you to get the right shafts for your game. When selecting shafts, don’t only think about weight and flex. It’s a much more complicated decision than that. This is where getting fitted really can make a difference, and ensure that you don’t end up with a set of clubs that’ll start gathering dust in the garage by the end of the year.


These six tips will help you find your perfect club set. Not every tip applies to every golfer. Keep in mind when choosing your club set that players who get fitted for clubs experience a difference in play. The right club set fitted to your exact specifications shaves strokes off your scores and your golf handicap. These clubs can also help you carry further on each shot and give you more shot control. Having the right clubs in your bag—fitted or not—can take your game to a whole new level.


Need help getting started? Grab someone in the pro shop–we’re always happy to help you figure out the best, most cost-effective way to get you in the right set of clubs for you!


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