4 Tips For Hitting Pure Irons Every Time

Hitting Pure Irons Tips, Want to make the game seem easy? Hit pinpoint approach shots. Dialing it in from the fairway sets up you up for birdies and pars. The more accurate your approach shots, the lower your scores, and the more fun you’ll have on the course. Ask any Tour player. They’ll tell you just how critical hitting accurate approach shots is to making more birdies and pars. Put simply, hitting pinpoint approach shots cuts strokes from your scores and your handicap.

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If only it was as easy as just telling you to be more accurate! To consistently increase your accuracy, you need to hit your irons pure, without any wasteful motion in your swing. Wasted swing motion robs you of accuracy AND power, and leads to a more inconsistent golf game. Without consistency, you’ll struggle to find confidence in your shots, and you won’t enjoy your next round of golf nearly as much. So it behooves you to eliminate as much wasted motion from your swing as possible.


Below are several golf tips to help you remove wasted swing motion so you can hit the best approach shots of your life.

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  1. Let your arms hang naturally: Standing too far away from the ball at address is a critical mistake many weekend golfers make. It throws your balance off, which leads to trying to compensate via all kinds of wasted swing motion. Standing too far away from the ball also makes you feel uncomfortable with your swing. That’s not good when trying to hit pinpoint approach shots.


To correct this flaw, stand closer to the ball until feels as though your arms are hanging freely directly under your shoulders. This eliminates the feeling of reaching out. Also, bend your body forward slightly, flex your knees a bit, and align your shoulders and hips square to the target line. Now you’re in a truly athletic setup that will minimize waste in your swing.


  1. Start back with your arms: Achieving a sound position at the top is critical to hitting pure irons tips. But you can’t achieve a solid top position without executing a proper backswing. If your backswing is off, your top position will be off. If your top position is off, your downswing will be off. It’s an awful chain reaction that can quickly derail your shots (and your round).


To improve your backswing and eliminate this loop, start the club back with your arms. This gets your shoulders involved, which in turn activates your hips. So the ideal backswing sequence should be arms, shoulders, and then hips. At the top, all three need to stop simultaneously. This sets you up to make a good downswing with little to no wasted motion.


  1. Pour on the body turn: The moment just before impact is critical to hitting an iron solidly and accurately. This means that executing a good downswing is incredibly important to hitting a pure shot. The key area to focus on to eliminate waste swing motion during your swing it what’s called the “delivery zone.” The delivery zone includes any part of your swing from your waist to impact. It’s here you want to pour on the body turn.
Hitting Pure Irons tips

Hitting Pure Irons tips

The secret to pouring on the body turn is to turn your arms to get the club to waist high, then rotate your body through impact. This is where explosive power resides. You should feel like you’re pulling your midsection into action, with your arms and midsection working in unison. Driving your back heel into the ground maintains your posture’s stability and prevents you from catching the ball thin.


  1. Continue turning through impact: We often see golfers stop turning their bodies at impact—a big mistake. Many golfers at this point try scooping the ball using their arms. Both moves are crucial errors. They short-circuit power and hinder accuracy. More importantly, both of these swing flaws contribute wasted motion to your swing.


To eliminate these errors—and any wasted motion they incur—continue turning with your body after impact. Past the ball, you want to keep your left wrist flat and your left arm extended. If you’ve done this correctly, the logo on your glove hand and the inside of your left forearm should all point in the same direction. It’s called hitting the ball with “dead hands.”


Having completed your swing, you want to achieve a finish position that feels similar to the top position; everything should arrive at the swing’s end simultaneously. If this happens, it’s evidence that you’re the entire body has squared the club at impact with little hand action.


Finishing your swing this way also lets you know that you’ve eliminated all the wasted motion from your swing. In other words, you’ve hit the iron pure.  Doing that boosts power and increases your accuracy and confidence, enabling you to hit pinpoint approach shots and lower your scores.


Hitting accurate approach shots sets you up for more birdies and pars—the secret to maintaining consistently low scores. In addition, it will help you chop strokes off your golf handicap. And what golfer wouldn’t want to do that?

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