Produce a Better Golf Swing

Use this Golf Drill to Produce a Better Golf Swing


Looking to supercharge your golf swing? The Internet is great for finding golf tips for a better golf swing. You know the type of swing I mean. The kind that exudes power and impresses other golfers.


But even the best golf tips won’t help your swing if you don’t practice them faithfully. Golf drills are ideal for doing that. Below we have a golf drill that can’t help but powerup your swing if you work on it regularly and consistently:


Set up to a ball with a five-iron or six -iron. Have someone place an umbrella approximately two feet behind your back heel but in line with it.  Swing back. If the club contacts the umbrella, your swing is too flat. Keep making practice swings until you’re sure you’ll miss the umbrella—on the way up and on the way down.


Now start hitting some balls. Before you hit a ball, move the umbrella back six to ten inches. Put the umbrella in a position where you won’t hit it on the downswing.  When hitting, use the umbrella just as a reminder. Move it back to its original spot practice swings.


This drill is proven to produce a better swing. It’s great for people that lack power because they have a flat swing. The golf drill also eliminates bad habits, helps square up your clubface, and injects energy into your swing.


Search the Internet for other golf tips for a better swing and practice them faithfully.

Produce a Better Golf Swing

Produce a Better Golf Swing

5 Top Golf Tips for a Better Golf Swing


Golf’s no fun when you’re hitting the ball all over the place. It could be just a bad day or it could be you’re just tired. Then again, it could be your golf swing. If it is, it probably won’t go away next time you play.


If you’re serious about breaking 80, you’ll probably see your golf pro. You’ll probably visit a range to hit some practice shots as well. Plus, you’ll probably read an article providing golf tips for a better swing


This article saves you time. It contains five proven golf tips designed to iron out the kinks in your swing:


  • Keep your hands low — If you’re popping the ball up, you could have a problem with your hands during your follow-through. You need to limit the height of your follow-through to reduce the height of your shots. Keep your hands low in the finish.


  • Keep your arm parallel to your spine — Want to hit long accurate drives? Then, learn to stay on-plane with your swing. Keeping your right forearm parallel to your spine, your left wrist flat, and your elbows and arms forming a triangle gets you there. These signs indicate you’ve rotated into your shoulders into the backswing perfectly.


  • Use your body to boost power — Power comes from your body, not your hands. So, if you’re hitting weak short drives, you’re probably not getting your body into the ball. To power up for a shot, try this golf drill: Put the ball behind the ball at address, with your body in a dead-stop position. Now, drag the ball into the air. This golf drill teaches you to use your body in your swing.


  • Hinge your wrists for power — One reason you may be leaking power with your irons is a lack of wrist hinge. Check to see that you’re setting up with a 45-degree angle between the left arm and the shaft. This move helps set the wrists much earlier in the swing, creates the proper hinge in the backswing, and boosts ball striking: The result: Greater distance and improved direction on iron shots.


  • Adopt a thumbs-down approach — If you’re hooking, you’re closing the clubface too soon on the swing. You can stop this by adopting a thumbs down during your swing. If both thumbs are pointing down toward the ground, it slows the closing of your swing and prevents you from hooking.


This article provides five proven golf tips for a better swing. Check them against what you’re doing and make changes where necessary. Keeping working on your swing like this and you’ll produce a powerful swing that impresses your playing partners.


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Shave Three Strokes Off Your Handicap with These 5 Golf Tips


Want to shave three or more strokes off your golf handicap? Sure, you do. One way to do it is by cranking out 20 or more yards off the tee. That’s a challenge—no doubt about it. But you can do it without taking a single golf lesson. All you have to do is ingrain the right golf tip, like “hitting from the inside” on the downswing, for a better swing.



You’ve probably heard this phrase a few times or more. If not, remember it. It’s a key golf fundamental. But you may not know what it means? It means swinging the club from the golfer’s side of the target line. Do that and you’ll hit them long and straight off the tee more times than not.


Hitting the ball from the inside helps you achieve the right launch angle. That, in turn, helps you generate the right height for more yards. You need both to blast extra yards off the tee. You could, of course, change clubs.


Using a 5-wood instead of a driver would help you generate more height off the tee. The 5-wood helps you achieve the right launch angle and mitigate sidespin without losing ball speed. But it costs you yardage. In other words, you need to use the longer club to pump out more yards.


Below are five golf tips that can help you achieve an inside path without attending golf instruction sessions.


·       Hinge wrist at about hip-high

Staying inside is great. But you can go too far inside too soon on the downswing. That encourages you to re-route your club. That’s called coming over the top. To eliminate this swing flaw, make sure you hinge your wrists to a 45-degree angle by the time you get hip-high with your backswing.


That helps keep the club on the right swing path. Here’s a simple golf drill to help: Next time you’re at the range, address a ball, then take your club back as you normally would and stop when you’re hip-high. Is the club where it should be?


·       Swaying during your swing


Golf tips for a better golf swing often tell you to keep your head still. But if you focus too much on doing that, you could let your body slide back and forward during the swing. That’s called swaying. This flaw can lead to a reverse pivot. That’s a deadly swing flaw. It prevents you from coming inside on your downswing.


To stop swaying, put a chair next to your back hip at address. Leave an about an inch or so of space between your hip and the chair. Now, take your backswing. You need to take your backswing without bumping into the chair. You may just brush the chair, but you can’t move it off center.


·       Short-circuiting your turn


How flexible are you? If you’re too stiff, you may be short-circuiting your shoulder turn. This mistake can happen to anyone. It can be harder if you’re a senior. As we age, we lose some flexibility. Unfortunately, to swing inside on the downswing, you need to complete your turn. In fact, you need to make a complete turn (about 90-degrees) behind the ball. That creates enough torque to blast the ball those extra 20 yards.


Here’s a golf drill to help you practice making a complete turn: Lay a club down, touching the inside of your back foot and perpendicular to your target line. Place a second club across your chest. Now make your turn. Make sure when you make your turn that you turn far enough around so that the second club becomes parallel to the first one.




·       Creating too little space


You need to create enough space between your right hand and your back ear at the top of your swing to come down inside correctly. (If you’re left-handed, it would be your left hand.) That gives the space you need to come down on the inside properly.


To see if you’re making this move correctly, take the club back to the top, then stop. Look at your position. Do you have enough room between your hand and ear to come down inside without making and adjustment? If you do, grip the club with the other hand. Now, ingrain this position. It’s the perfect position to come back down on the inside.


Coming down on the inside is a key golf basic—one you can ingrain with a little practice. Come down inside properly, and you’ll need to stay on the right path to blast the ball longer and straighter. That can take your game to a new level. Finding and ingraining golf tips for a better golf swing can help your game—without taking a single golf lesson.


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