Secret Golf Lesson #2- Stop Pushing/Fading In 30 Seconds

This one’s a real gem folks. If you’ve been losing your shots off to the right (as a right-hander) as a fade or push, you’re going to LOVE the below video. In it Bobby shows one of his students a very little-known trick to stopping those bad shots to the right. It’ so simple you’ll probably kick yourself but regardless, it works.

I hope you’re enjoying these video lessons. Please let me know if you like them and if they are helping your game or if you have any questions.

Oh yeah, in case you missed the Secret Golf Lesson #1, see it here.

Go Low!


Did you like this tip? Then I know you’ll love the

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This is all part of our Full Swing Lessons DVD, which is a really cool way to help you learn to improve your game.

Last week I explained that the latest Full Swing Lessons DVD was a bit of an experiment…to see if this new way of filming/teaching would suit your needs better……and that we were offering them on a first come, first served basis.
Well, it’s no surprise we are down to our last 47 of these DVD’s so now’s the time to get your hands on one.
Remember, this DVD we cover the seven most common full swing problems:

1.  Fades
2.  Hooks
3.  Push
4.  Pull
5.  Fat shots
6.  Thin shots
7.  Lack of distance

In each of these seven lessons you’ll get to sit in on sessions with a very high-priced golf instructor and watch as he methodically goes about diagnosing the problem and getting the student to master the techniques in order to solve their problem.
This is an excellent way to learn by watching other students progress through the lessons.  I can assure you it is very helpful to identify with another student who is experiencing the same problems you are…and see them tackle them just as you might.
You can see sample videos on the page here.

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