Secret Golf Lesson #1- Add More Distance To Your Drives

We recently filmed Bobby giving one of his famous lessons. This time he was dealing with a senior golfer trying to get more distance.

Harold is actually very accurate from 145 yards and closer. But his main problem is that he can only drive the ball about 200 yards. This leaves him long approaches and he does not get to play to his strength of that 145 yard and closer mark.

Watch as Bobby makes two small adjustments to his swing to add significant distance.

Please let us know what you think of the video by commenting below and if the advice works for you!



Did you like this tip? Then I know you’ll love the

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By the way, this short clip is just a VERY SMALL part of our comprehensive Full Swing Lessons DVD.

This latest DVD is sort of an experiment of mine.  See, to date, the DVD’s we have been filming are great but we wanted to try something different.  Yeah, yeah I know…why fix something that ain’t broke, right?

Well, I wanted to see if my students could learn the concepts and techniques by actually showing them the most common mistakes that golfers make. Rather than just listen to an instructor for an hour, we used REAL students, real drills and real solutions to get the point across.

So when we shot the latest Full Swing Lessons DVD, we did it completely differently. It’s a brand new way of teaching golfers how to play their best golf and I’m excited to be able to share it with you today.

I won’t ramble here…you can read about it yourself here.

But I know you’re going to love it.

Here are the seven areas we cover in the Full Swing Lessons DVD:

1. Fades

2. Hooks

3. Push

4. Pull

5. Fat shots

6. Thin shots

7. Lack of distance

In each of these seven lessons you’ll get to sit in on sessions with a very high-priced golf instructor and watch as he methodically goes about diagnosing the problem and getting the student to master the techniques in order to solve their problem.

I suppose you could go out and drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive personal instruction, but you can skip that expense and watch this exceptional instructor in action.
Now, you may or may not be aware but we have a Customer Insight Program. We created this in order to gain a better understanding of what our customers want and need. That’s a big reason why we are testing out this new method of DVD instruction–because you told us you’d like it.

So basically this is an experiment. If you guys like it, we will film more DVD’s with this type of instruction. If you don’t, we stick with our old style of filming.

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide if you like it or not.

Two important final notes.

First, we are NOT offering this DVD to all of our subscribers. Because this is an experiment we wanted to only allow a certain amount of subscribers to have access. Since you are reading this message, you are eligible.

Second, we have limited stock of this title. I don’t anticipate having any left by week’s end so if you struggle with one of the seven instruction areas above, it’s best to check out the web page now. If the DVD is a hit with you guys, we will certainly make more but that will be down the road.

Go Low!


P.S. When the DVD’s are gone we will be pulling the web page down. No exceptions.

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