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Secret Golf Lesson #1- Add More Distance To Your Drives

We recently filmed Bobby giving one of his famous lessons. This time he was dealing with a senior golfer trying to get more distance.

Harold is actually very accurate from 145 yards and closer. But his main problem is that he can only drive the ball about 200 yards. This leaves him long approaches and he does not get to play to his strength of that 145 yard and closer mark.

Watch as Bobby makes two small adjustments to his swing to add significant distance.

Please let us know what you think of the video by commenting below and if the advice works for you!



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By the way, this short clip is just a VERY SMALL part of our comprehensive Full Swing Lessons DVD.

This latest DVD is sort of an experiment of mine.  See, to date, the DVD’s we have been filming are great but we wanted to try something different.  Yeah, yeah I know…why fix something that ain’t broke, right?

Well, I wanted to see if my students could learn the concepts and techniques by actually showing them the most common mistakes that golfers make. Rather than just listen to an instructor for an hour, we used REAL students, real drills and real solutions to get the point across.

So when we shot the latest Full Swing Lessons DVD, we did it completely differently. It’s a brand new way of teaching golfers how to play their best golf and I’m excited to be able to share it with you today.

I won’t ramble here…you can read about it yourself here.

But I know you’re going to love it.

Here are the seven areas we cover in the Full Swing Lessons DVD:

1. Fades

2. Hooks

3. Push

4. Pull

5. Fat shots

6. Thin shots

7. Lack of distance

In each of these seven lessons you’ll get to sit in on sessions with a very high-priced golf instructor and watch as he methodically goes about diagnosing the problem and getting the student to master the techniques in order to solve their problem.

I suppose you could go out and drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive personal instruction, but you can skip that expense and watch this exceptional instructor in action.
Now, you may or may not be aware but we have a Customer Insight Program. We created this in order to gain a better understanding of what our customers want and need. That’s a big reason why we are testing out this new method of DVD instruction–because you told us you’d like it.

So basically this is an experiment. If you guys like it, we will film more DVD’s with this type of instruction. If you don’t, we stick with our old style of filming.

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide if you like it or not.

Two important final notes.

First, we are NOT offering this DVD to all of our subscribers. Because this is an experiment we wanted to only allow a certain amount of subscribers to have access. Since you are reading this message, you are eligible.

Second, we have limited stock of this title. I don’t anticipate having any left by week’s end so if you struggle with one of the seven instruction areas above, it’s best to check out the web page now. If the DVD is a hit with you guys, we will certainly make more but that will be down the road.

Go Low!


P.S. When the DVD’s are gone we will be pulling the web page down. No exceptions.

  • Jim Wyatt says:

    Very informative.

  • Ron Edwards says:

    Great advice, it helped me start bombing the ball and I picked up a much needed draw.

  • Jim S. says:

    very good instruction. I recently learned the same principle from the new book on Ben Hogan,s secret. It made me focus on swinging the triangle while keeping my arms straight.

  • Anthony Cairo says:

    As I am getting old the back 9 seems to be a little harder. This is what was happening you realy helped.

  • Spacecowboy says:

    Yes! thank you for that! My problem is I forget to go wide. Recently I figured out how important on plane is and still practicing that so that it can be second nature. However, when I remember to have width in my swing I’ll send my drive into outer space. Thanks for sharing this much needed reminder.

  • Steve Cass says:

    I’ve got the wide down, now I need to incorporate the roll. Good stuff.

  • Carroll King says:

    I can’t wait to get out and try it. Your instruction methods seem to suit my learning style. I think I will be purchasing your cd’s soon.

  • Jim Ricci says:

    Great explanation for the older player! Thanks, for using a wide swing to generate power.

  • Charlie Rome says:

    I have been working on the wide part, and I get more distance but it helps me more with being straight. I can’t seem to be able to incorporate the roll part. I really like your videos, great tips.

  • Justin Blowers says:

    Nicely explained, logical and effective.

  • Ken says:

    Recently I have experienced distance and accuracy problems with my driver. After seeing the partial video, I realized that my problem could well be not stretching out my swing.

    I will try it the next time I play. I hope it will work.

  • Larry says:

    Thought this video Hit it longer was great. I need help in eliminating my HOOKs with my irons. I take what I think is a very neutral grip but seem to very badly hook my irons. Especially off the tee. What can i do to eliminate this?

  • Glenn Bowers says:

    Great information and insight. I enjoy a logical approach to golf instruction.

  • Carlos Calderon says:

    Looks simple but is very important for swinging any wood. I always try to keep the wood’s head low in the first 3 feet on backswing.

    Thanks for the video tip.

  • N. Stewart says:

    It is always good to be reminded about some of the easy things that you forget when you try to add distance to your drives. Thanks for the view.

  • Thanks Jack,

    You can’t go wrong with Bobby. He makes everything very simple and straight forward, but effective. I enjoyed and will try to remember to incorporate it into my swing the next time out.

    Thanks, and have a Great Day,


  • Peter says:

    good video. Simple problem. Mine also suffers from lack of length. Good reminders.

  • Phillip King says:

    I suppose the lesson is good but, I can’t get it to play. The little lights go round in a circle — I guess it’s loading — for about 14 sec. then a frame appears in still life — no audio — then the cycle starts all over again.
    We’re incompatible I guess. Thanks for a poor try at communicating with the world.

  • Geoff says:

    Found this to be very informative, at the minute I am only playing with irons as my drivers are not deliverying a consistent accuracy (between 45-70% of where I want the ball to go) Happy with this though as I have broken my handicap in comp. over the last three weekends. Each day I work on my drivers at the range and have no intention of using them until I am satisfied with the accuracy and consistent. This vid has supplied some good info on things to consider in my practise.

  • TM Palmer says:

    Good info, the roll is what I need to work on.

  • James Murray says:

    The wide plane seems to work OK but I find I slice more often. I try positioning my hands but then I hook. Need more practise I guess. Thanks for the info.


  • John Flanagan says:

    Hi Bobby

    I would really appreciate it if you could show a video on the roll of the
    right arm over the left and if not may a detail written instruction on how to
    accomplish it. The wide plane is very helpful but i don’t know when to start the crossover of the arm.
    your instructions are great and the information is invaluble.

    Thank You. John

  • Very helpful i can see my drives going farther

  • S S Bali says:

    It was great. This is a prefect example of How simple things done consciously can produce magnificent results.
    Great Golf Secret Tip
    Thanks Buddy!!

  • Christopher says:

    My wife is having distance problems,I think this will help her,
    Regards, Christopher.

  • Dennis says:

    Hi Jack..gr8 lesson. I try to teach that same principle to my older playing mayes and they are greatly surprised at the added length with the driver and their irons. Keep em’ coming. Thanks

  • Nancy says:

    This will probably help me in my swing. I’m a senior lady but lately even if I hit a great drive sometimes it usually goes right at the end. I know I dont roll my hands over correctly – that’s always been a problem. I’m going to concentrate on these two points tomorrow when I’m out.

  • Keern says:

    I’ve seen the roll instruction before, with the pro to the left of the player rolling his hands past the pro’s hips. It’s the right effect but it’s easier to think of rolling the right hand over the left hand in an outward motion, over the ball than to the left after the ball. The effect is more easily achieved and the golfer can grasp the concept more readily.

  • Floyd says:

    While watching this video, I realised that I have been bending my left elbow in an attempt to get the club to parallel at the top. Wideand away from the body makes sense. Just a couple of practice swings without a ball and I can feel more clubhead speed. Now to the driving range…
    Thanks Bobby for a great tip.

  • Frannie Haws says:

    I have been driving great until just recently so Bobb’s lesson was very timely. I’ve been working on my short game so my swing has become narrower. thanks, Can’t wait to go back to wide! Frannie

  • Larry says:

    I enjoyed this video and when I go to the range I am going to try this I know that I should add at least 20 yards to my drives should put them at the high 300’s to low 400’s thanks for the tip.

  • pfloughran says:

    I saw this tip in a recent Golf Magazine article it certainly helps with the shoulder turn for added distance. The release of the club can be something that takes time and practice to learn. However once you get the timing down you will see a great increase in distance with both the driver and irons. I find that I have to consciously think of this to get it right practice on the range helps alot….A really great tip for us Seniors and all golfers…Thanks

  • Mort Fruchter says:

    Lesson No ! Very, Very good. concise and very easy to understand and do

    Many thanks



  • Dave Templin says:

    So glad to see this video. I guess I’m considered a “senior” (61), and I too, have lost distance in my drives. I try to keep my swing wide and roll my wrists but I must not be very consistent with it. I’m headed to the driving range right after this email.
    Thanks for the tip!
    Dave Templin

  • Gisli says:

    very goo indeet

  • Peter Perham. New ZealandI look forward to the results says:

    Like buddy aproblem that has plaqued me for some time now i have something simple to work on.I look to the results on the golf course.
    Thank you.

  • Tony Valentine says:

    The driver worked well for the first time in weeks. Gained 15 yards on average!!

  • Gerdie Harrington says:

    Super. Cannot wait ti get to the course

  • arumib says:

    There are so many things that can go wrong in a golf swing that it is hard to know what you did wrong so as to correct it.

  • bennie elefante says:


  • Pervez Mirza says:

    Great tips .They helped gain 15 yards distance . But I am still falling back at the time of impact . Can you cure this disease , it has become a habit
    PM ///

  • Benjamin says:

    Great tips! I was badly getting 200 yards out of my driver last weekend at the range, so this was very timely.

    Makes sense, my golf coach keeps telling me basics like this and it’s so easy to forget about how important the fundamentals of the golf swing are.

    Thanks so much, I will try these out at the range on Thursday, I think that they will do me and my golf more good than harm!

    Does practising the short game make your swing more narrow?

    Will report back after I have tried these tips!

    Thanks very much.

  • Barbara Kay Smith says:

    Enjoyed the video. Now I need to take action and do it……..Wish you were
    near here to take lessons from you.
    Barbara Kay Smith

  • Percy says:

    I will try this because my pro has been trying to get me to swing from lhe inside and for 30 years I have failed to get a draw

  • Troy Vayanos says:

    Nice Video,

    The width in the backswing is something that I have always done. However, the rolling of the right wrist is something very recently that I have been working on to get more of a draw into my game. It really does work, you just have to ensure you only roll it enough to get it square and not overdo it.


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