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Proper Golf Stance

Golf Driving Tips For Success

Mastering any golf swing is difficult already, but attempting to perfect the use of any driver is going to be much more complex. Hitting the ball well is going to be determined by many different factors, some even outside of your control. Examine your swing, focusing on elements such as your grip, feet placement, and alignment. Pinpoint several key areas where you can make a slight adjustment that will provide a large increase in your results.

Pay attention to your feet. This is one of the key driving tips. Focus on a balanced body position with your feet solid for both the upswing & downswing. To accomplish this, you should set your feet wide apart; forming a solid base. That way, your technique will force a more efficient transfer of power on the ball.

Once you’ve worked on gaining a balanced positioning with your feet, move to your hands. Do not grip the club too tightly. Relax your hands. There is quick way to determine if your grip is too tight. If the club can turn easily in your hands, then your grip is relaxed. Remember: the accuracy of your drive is greatly dependent on your grip. If you’re not getting the accuracy you desire from your drives, focus on your grip.

After feet and hands, focus on alignment. Align with the target. Here’s an easy way to check if you are properly aligned. Take up a proper stance, placing the club down to your feet. Look at the driver. Where it’s pointing is where you will be hitting the ball. Feel free to step back and gain a bigger viewpoint on that alignment; golf is a game of inches. This is a helpful way to increase your accuracy.

Once you’ve incorporated those techniques into your game, move on to using draws & fades. Adjusting your stance slightly will make the necessary adjustments to your alignment. To accomplish this, set your feet either slightly left or right than your usual stance.

There are many more lessons and incremental adjustments that can be learned to improve your golf game. Yet, these simple tips on driving will boost your overall game and make playing golf significantly more enjoyable. Stay motivated!


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