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Master Your Golf Driver Swing

Simple Golf Swing Tips

When attempting to increase the distance of your drives, you should consider turning your focus to your technique. Whereas most novice golfers instinctively attempt to bare down and force themselves through the swing, the expert understands that a different approach may be necessary. Examine your swing, focusing on elements such as your grip, feet placement, and alignment. Let’s focus on some key elements of proper driving stance.

Correct driving technique begins with a solid base; your foot position. This is a critical component to driving accuracy and power. Focus on a balanced body position with your feet solid for both the upswing & downswing. Focus on placing your feet slightly wider. With proper alignment and balance you can hit the ball further with less exerted power.

From your feet, move up to your grip on the club. Contrary to most beginner’s opinions, your grip should not be strong. Use a confident, relaxed grip. Get in the habit of checking your grip. If the club can turn easily in your hands, then your grip is relaxed. Remember: the accuracy of your drive is greatly dependent on your grip. Unrelaxed hands will most likely result in less than desirable accuracy.

The next technical adjustment is going to be with your alignment as it relates to the target. If you need a simply way to ensure that your alignment is good, here’s a trick. Take up a proper stance, placing the club down to your feet. The driver will act as an unbiased arrow, pointing in the direction your feet were aligned at. Make sure to step away and get some perspective. Just a simple tip on getting used to properly aligning your shots.

Once you’ve incorporated those techniques into your game, move on to using draws & fades. When driving, being able to adjust based upon particular conditions will increase your confidence, and, ultimately, lower your scores. You will need to set your feet either slightly left, or slightly right than normal.

There are many more lessons and incremental adjustments that can be learned to improve your golf game. Work on a few golf swing tips at a time. Small incremental adjustments in stance, grip, and alignment will show big results in lowering your golf score and making the game more enjoyable. Stay motivated!


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