Back To Basics: Fine-tuning Your Pitches

“Seventy percent of all shots are played within 100 yards.” This is one of Gary Player’s favorite sayings. It’s why your short game is critical when it comes to scoring. Pitching is a major weapon in your short game arsenal. Pinpoint pitching turns three strokes into two. But hitting pinpoint pitches is a challenge. To do it, you must control both the distance and direction of your pitches. The golf tips below encourage pinpoint pitching

Here are 6 keys to fine-turning your pitches:

1. Pick out a good landing spot
2. Position the ball in the middle
3. Keep the shaft and your left arm in a straight line
4. Use a slightly open address position
5. Aim the clubface directly at the target
6. Position your right shoulder over your back knee

Accurate pitching starts with picking out a good landing spot. Look for one with predict-able run-out. That way when you hit the spot, you know what the ball will do.

Having picked out your landing spot, make these subtle changes to your address position:

• Position the ball around the middle of your stance. This ensures that you strike the ball crisply with a slightly descending blow.
• Keep your left arm and the club’s shaft in a straight line, encouraging ball first contact.
• Use a slightly open stance to help your left side clear through the shot— a subtle change that can make a big difference.
• Aim your clubface directly at the target despite opening your stance.
• Position your right shoulder over your back knee, with your chin away from your chest

Another golf tip to fine-turn your pitches, make sure you execute a good one-piece take-away. Here’s a drill that will help you do that.

Address a ball as you normally would when pitching. Feed the shaft up through your hands so the grip’s butt fits snugly against your belt buckle. Keep your posture the same. Now execute your takeaway without altering your address position. Stop when your hands move past your back knee.

Master distance and direction with these golf tips. Hitting accurate pitches can turn three strokes into two and help you break 80 consistently.

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