Never Fear Bunkers Again

No one likes hitting into bunkers. But sooner or later you will. That’s when your fear of bunkers can hurt you. Fear can prevent you from totally committing to the shot. That can cost you. A weak shot here won’t cut it. If you can’t get out of bunkers or you need a go-to sand shot, try the unique technique below. It may be just what the doctor ordered.

Here are the 5 keys to this technique:

• Take your normal address position
• Move your hands way forward
• Keep the clubhead positioned behind the ball
• Set most of your weight over your front leg
• Make an aggressive swing

Use either your SW or LW for this shot. Then do the following:

• Take your normal setup position when hitting bunker shots with the ball positioned slightly forward of your stance. Make sure you open your stance slightly so your left toe points left of the target.

• Move your hands forward until they are even with or even in front of your left leg. But keep the clubhead positioned behind the ball. This allows the clubface to rotate as wide open as possible.

• Shift your weight forward so that the majority of it rests on your front leg—a critical move to hitting a good sand shot.

• Make a full swing. Keep your knees as still as possible while swinging and your hands quiet. If you try to manipulate the club with your hands, you’ll probably botch the shot.

Don’t baby this shot. Too often weekend golfers baby sand shots. It’s the surest way of leaving the shot in the bunker. Instead, be aggressive and commit to the shot.

If you fear bunkers and have trouble escaping from them, try the unique technique above. Practice it first in a practice bunker, then take it to the course.

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Author: Jack

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