This Golf Drill Helps You Generate More Power

How Big a Divot do you Take with your Irons?

Taking big divots isn’t required on every iron. But if you rarely take a divot, chances are good you’re not compressing the ball against the ground. That means your swing isn’t steep enough, short-circuiting power.  

The golf drill below helps you power up.

Plastic Cup Golf Drill

Take a 16-ounce plastic cup and mark an “X” near the open end with a black or red marker. Now place the cup over a ball. Align the X on the cup with the ball’s inside quadrant near you. Usually, that’s the one closest to your back leg.  

Remove the ball but keep the cup where it is. Assume your normal address position. Then swing. As you do, try to hit the X and propel the cup straight ahead. If the cup flies forward and low to the ground, you’ve compressed the ball correctly. If the cup flies straight and high, you came down too steeply.

Work on the drill until you’ve ingrained this fundamental. Then use it on the course, where it will help boosts power to your approach shots.

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