Hit Putts with Perfect Speed

Missing Easy Putts?

You could be decelerating with your stroke. Deceleration often occurs when using a short back stroke and a long through stroke. The result: poor distance control and weak roll.  The drill below teaches you to hit putts with perfect speed and tight, end-over-end roll.

Two Tee Golf Drill

Find a hole on the practice green with a straight putt. Then set up a gate with two tees about 3-5 feet from the hole. Make the gate wide enough to allow the ball to pass through but not your putterhead.

Place a ball in the gate with about three-quarters of it behind the gate. Set up as you normally would and putt the ball. Do this several times.

If you find that the gate stops the putter head before you hit the ball solidly, you’re probably decelerating. Or, you’re accelerating too late in the stroke. You want to reach top speed before the gate.

Practice the drill until you can make a solid authoritative stroke comfortably—without slamming into the gate. The key is accelerating your stroke before you hit the ball. What happens afterward is meaningless.


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